CIA Chief #Brennan Responds to Torture Report (and So Does Everyone Else)

Here's the press conference from CIA chief Brennan in response to the roughly 500 page executive summary of a report on the government agency's interrogation practices, running thousands of pages long. There's been talk of political gamesmanship with respect to the release of this report. Doubtless political motives are in play. Doubtless also that we should focus on the content of the report over the background drama of its release. We're talking crimes against humanity. However it came to light aside, it's a good thing that it came to light so that we can put a stop to it, now and into the future. So where do we go from here?

Have a look at the report.

There seems to be universal consensus that mistakes were made -- to the dismay of the two CIA out-sourced psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, funded to the tune of 80M, to instill "helplessness" in detainees. The two men reject the report, urging the American public to look at their rectal hydration and waterboarding activities in context.

Here's a piece from Bill Moyers that gathers the various international responses, from horrified to faintly optimistic.

And here's a nice piece from the Atlantic about owning our responsibility for torture as a pre-condition for moving forward.

Press conference below. The Q &  A gets lopped off; I will add it below if I find it, or a version of the presser that includes it. Note the "unknown and unknowable" comment by Brennan with respect to the efficacy of torture as a means for gathering intelligence. It's his Rumsfeld moment.